Monday, September 14, 2009

'You’d never catch a urologist having a vasectomy'

Vasectomy continues to be one of the most popular topics on malehealth. I'll be talking about it on Radio Scotland at 11.30am on Wednesday 16 September 2009.

One malehealth reader Mark Williams will also be on the programme telling his story of ‘a continuous and sometimes excruciating pain’. He was told, amazingly: 'You’d never catch a urologist having a vasectomy'. Shame then that he'd already had the operation.

What's going on here? We are building up quite a file on vasectomy at malehealth. How come this supposedly routine operation seems to leave so many men in pain? And why are there no meaningful guidelines on the procedure from any of the Royal Colleges or the National Institute of Clinical Excellence?

It seems to me that the truth is as uncomfortable as a post-vasectomy patient. We'd all like vasectomy to be a pain-free and simple as described because, if it was, it would be ideal way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Trouble is it doesn't work like that and a lot of doctor, health campaigners, men and women are struggling to accept that we may need to talk about the more complicated alternatives.

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