Thursday, October 2, 2008

Henry Paulson's plan is perfect for work addicts

Are you happy as a bailed-out banker who won't have to sell his Porsche? Yes, work addicts love a global financial crisis as much as US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson will love the House of Representatives if they back his 'rescue plan'. Seriously, if you're prone to work addiction, an economic crisis is the sort of time it's easy to slide into it. That's the ever topical feature on malehealth this month.

By the way, as this is a health blog am I allowed to ask just how a country that thinks it can't afford a national health service can find £380,000,000,000 to underwrite Wall Street's gambling debts? That sort of money would be welcomed I'm sure by the 45.7 million Americans who have no health insurance.

And on the subject of the USA and tenuous topical links to our stories, which president brought a little-known erectile problem to the nation's attention? Who else but Bill Clinton. When Paula Jones filed a sexual misconduct lawsuit against the sax-loving statesman, she suggested he had Peyronie's Disease - a condition in which the penis bends that affects perhaps 1 in 100 men. Dr Raj Persad explains this month.