Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Approach your problem side on

Here's an idea that may make it easier to talk about what's on your mind: Be active to the front and talk to the side.

By focussing on an activity in front of you, something arty, fixing the car, gardening or just doing the dishes will make it easier for you to discuss what’s on your mind with someone standing or sitting next to you. This will improve your mental health and may help improve other aspects of your relationship with that person too.

Good advice? Don't thank me, thank an anonymous malehealth reader. For our Men's Health Week competition, we were looking for an original and simple health tip. And this one leapt out at me - it works and yet I'd never heard it before. It was the best of nearly 1500 entries to the competition and many of them are equally simple yet effective. It proves what I've always believed: that good health is pretty simple and rarely requires major life changes. It also proves that you can never know it all and that there are always good ideas out there.

These two ideas are at the forefront of my mind as we redevelop the malehealth website. In the future it will be easier for you to share ideas with our readers. Watch this space for news of our redesign because we'll be looking for your views.

Meanwhile check out our Men's Health Week readers' tips plus our regular tips of the month section.

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