Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another kick in the nuts for men with PVP

Forget yesterday's post. Email from the lovely Dawn at BBC Scotland who interviewed me for the vasectomy programme:

'I've just seem your update on malehealth and thought I should email straight away. Unfortunately in the end I did not use you in the programme as my editor wanted it to be case study heavy and to feature the actual operation.' Great radio, Dawn but what will we learn?

Mark Williams is also on the cutting room floor. 'What my editor wanted in the end was a programme that represented the normal experience of a vasectomy.'

This editor does to seem to have understood that post-vasectomy pain (PVP) and poor erections are the normal experience of vasectomy for too many men. So this decision is a bit of a kick in the crutch for them really - rather like having another vasectomy.

The BBC, eh? No, I'm not going to join in the chorus of criticism. The reason this timidity has come as such a surprise to me is that it's so rare that the beeb miss the real story. Perhaps Dawn can persuade her editor to do a future programme on PVP.

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