Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't barrack Obama

Christmas went by in a flash, new year in a blur. Cards forgotten, even emails and blogs uncomposed. But it's not too late to wish all malehealth readers a Happy Obama Day. As outlined on the MHF website, the USA's first black president has promised to reform the USA's health care system and make health insurance accessible to all including the 45 million Americans who currently have no cover for all.

This is a country where people move out of their homes and live in tents to afford chemotherapy so let's hope he can do it and do it quick. He's promised it by the end of his first term. We wish him luck. With the insurance and drug companies solidly against any changes to the system which has made them so wealthy, he'll need it. if he manages it, he'll have justified every ounce of the hype that surrounds this historic day.

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