Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The smoke - and the plot - thickens

I've just done something I never thought I'd do. I contributed to the website of The Free Society - slogan: big government is watching you. I don't know about that but the Free Society has been watching me. I think a comment on Joe Jackson's Free Society column my be behind the sudden interest in my 2004 article that names the great man that I mentioned on Saturday.

I posted on the site to correct the suggestion that we won't publish comments on that article. We will. As I said I've invited a couple of the emailers to write more. The reason comments don't appear below articles is that we use old web technology. We're looking to improve it but can't afford it. The Free Society have no such problem on their site as they're funded by the tobacco industry. Lucky fellas.

I also said that I just don't think people are interested in passive smoking anymore. Talk to people today about the smoking ban and they will tell you they like it because they no longer cough, no longer have streaming eyes and no longer have to spend the day in stinky clothes with smelly hair as the price for going down the pub. They won’t mention passive smoking. You can read the full post here. Let me - and them - know what you think.

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