Saturday, April 12, 2008

Is malehealth going up in a puff of smoke?

Has malehealth finally arrived? In the last 24 hours an article that has not attracted any feedback at all as far as I can remember for at least a year has had three comments posted on it. Two of the them say virtually the same thing.

The article Joe Jackson and the Dodgy Science, which is about four years old, talks about how the difficulty of proving anything beyond reasonable doubt can be used to undermine what our common sense tells us is probably healthy or not healthy. It includes the example, one of several, of passive smoking and it is this that seems to have attracted all the attention. So what's going on? A sudden interest in the issues around smoking following the introduction of the ban in public places? A sudden interest in maleheath? Now that would be nice.

Common sense tells me that this mini flood of feedback cannot be the purely coincidental result of over-enthusiastic Googling by Joe Jackson fans so what is it about? An organised effort to use the internet to put the smoking debate on the agenda again and if so, what are they arguing and who is funding them?

We'll find out. I've invited two of the commentators to write an article for the site. I'll publish at least one of them if I can. Let's see what they come up with.

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