Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hormones: acceptable in women but not in men?

There are reports today of Australian research showing that depression in some older men is linked to lower levels of the male hormone testosterone. This link is nothing new - we've discussed it before on malehealth in 'Honey, I Shrunk My Hormone Levels' and What's the Score: Testosterone. It's clearly important - although we must not overstate it and start pumping all solvent men full of testoterone as some (private) TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) enthusiasts appear to suggest.

The point that society in general and health policy makers in particular need to understand here is that men are as much subject to the whims of their hormones as women. Once upon a time, women experiencing hormonal changes were branded hysterical and slapped about a bit. Now we know better. We need to take the same attitude to men experiencing similar problems rather than brand them as aggressive, depressive grumpy old men.

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