Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The healing power of a single sentence

Thanks to the internet there has never been so much media. Now I know that malehealth - independent, non-commercial and striving to be comprehensive - is a unique site with lots of fascinating stuff that blokes want and need to know but I sometimes wonder if the site's message is getting lost in this media morass.

Then every so often along comes a little bit of reader feedback that makes me feel a lot better - better enough to start blogging at 8 in the morning! Ben had visited our page on back pain and left the following message: 'having suffered pack pain for over 20 years, all this advice is top stuff AND IT WORKS! I am pain free now.' Thanks Ben. Glad it worked for you - and I can assure the rest of you that many of the other pages have equally useful advice.

Unfortunately the interface on malehealth is a bit archaic - again budget is the problem - and I have to post all feedback on the site manually. It's a big job and doesn't get done very often but I can assure you that we do read it and it has affected the content of the site fundamentally - this month's article on post-vasectomy pain, for example, arose directly out of readers' feedback. You can read more readers' feedback here.

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