Friday, June 4, 2010

World Health Organisation catches a cold

It is hard not to comment on reports from the British Medical Journal, the Bureau of Investigative Reporting and the Council of Europe of a lack of transparency and conflict of interest at the World Health Organisation.

We don't know if the emergency committee that decided to declare a swine-flu pandemic had commercial links with the drug companies that stood to profit from their decision because the names of that committee are secret.

What we do know is that there was a conflict of interest around earlier guidance given around the need to stockpile drugs and an apparent change in the definition of a 'pandemic'.

A previous conflict of interest and a present lack of transparency are bound to lead to questions around the WHO's independence. At the very least they need to tell us who is on the secret committee. Their credibility is at stake.

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instantkaamos said...

Is this the same World Health Organisation that until relatively recently classified homosexuality as a disease?

Yes, they should certainly be more transparent given the degree of power that they have. Are mere mortals considered too ignorant to have access to the decision-making process?