Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine flu: worried the media is telling you porkies?

Swine flu is all over the media right now but picking your way through it to the facts is a pig of a job. What you need to know is:

1. There are enough drugs to go round in the UK. The government says it has enough drugs to treat over half the population (23 million treatments of Tamiflu and 10.5 million of Relenza).
2. But tamiflu needs to be taken 24-48 hours of symptoms beginning. Any later and it's useless. So if you're concerned by cold or flu-like symptoms, don't fanny around. See your GP.
3. Meanwhile, take the standard cold prevention advice like washing your hands (especially before touching your face) and getting some sleep seriously.

It's about as simple as that really. More information and links on And, by the way, you can still eat bacon.

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