Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama? Statins? We're all looking for the quick health fix

Over a month since my last post. Must be all the excitement around Barack Obama's election in the US. Or is it Harry Redknapp's arrival at White Hart Lane? Both have certainly been good for my health.

And health is apparently near the top of the new president's agenda. In an article on the MHF website, My Plan For A Healthy America, you can read how he's planning to bring 45 million uninsured Americans in from the cold. He doesn't pull any punches identifying the 'strangleholds' and 'market manipulation' of drug companies and insurers as part of the problem.

The pharmaceutical industry - the US's most profitable industry - is reportedly worried that Obama's plans could be bad for their profits

But I doubt we'll see any of the big pharma companies going under anytime soon. Not while so many in the media are only too happy to report without caveat on drug trials that suggest we should all be dosing up on cholesterol-lowering statins whether we need them or not. The full story is on malehealth.

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