Monday, September 1, 2008

Essential reading for Cristiano Ronaldo

Wow, where did August go? Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo must be thinking the same thing. One minute the talk was all of his supposed transfer to Real Madrid. The next, the season begins and he's still recovering from a knee operation and unable to play for anyone.

I don't know if the UEFA European Club Footballer of the Year is a regular reader of malehealth but he won't like this month's lead feature which is about the great metatarsal mystery. Osteopath Don Blyth explains why the humble foot-bone, first put on the map by David Beckham, has become the bane of so many professional footballers lives. His conclusion is that on his return Cristiano is a prime candidate for a metatarsal injury himself. Why? Well, it's nothing to do with those fancy-dan boots. Check it out.

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