Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Let's name the real guilty men

Yesterday at the mock trial staged by the Men's Health Forum to kick-off Men's Health Week, Man was found guilty of crimes against his own health. Forget the attitudes of health professionals, forget social attitudes, forget the way we bring up boys, forget the genetic factors. No, it is all our own fault. Guilty

Who were the fools responsible for this verdict? A 'jury' of health professionals, policymakers, NGOs, politicians and journalists who ignored the expert evidence. You can read about that evidence here but let's talk about real cases - the cases of men on the malehealth website.

Take John Walker and the prostate cancer that nearly killed him: I told my GP, I respected his decision, but if I'd followed his advice I'd probably be dead. Or Paul and his violent childhood: I remember traumatic events from my childhood and very little else. Only a chump would say that these men are to blame for what happened to them.

If we really want to name the guilty men it should be the members of the jury that allowed this terrible miscarriage of justice. This verdict condemns Man to the same rotten deal he's always had from the NHS.


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Charming Warrior said...

These days men are found guilty on every aspect of life. We drink and love eating meat, we are aggressive, love our carriers, dominate, hunt and it is all so bad for our health.
What about having fun in life, all the attention going towards the negative will make the negative grow. I'm not saying we don't have to watch our diet, I'm an organic gardener and eat loads of vegetables. But to be honest there's one factor that makes me really sick and that's the nagging. Nagging on the radio, TV it makes me turn me head the other way, I don't want to hear about it and here it becomes dangerous.
When I hear 15 times a day cigarettes will kill me, I feel the anarchist pushing me to light one. What about a focus on positive and constructive elements of men's life?

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